Salad Bowl Gardens is not in business

Thank you for your interest in organic food.  Please see the list below for Truro area CSAs

Jerusalem Artichokes, yum!

About 1 lb of Jerusalem Artichokes

This time of year is challenging for local foodies. We’re at the end of winter veggie season and tired of turnips, but a few weeks away from spring green season. This tasty new tuber fills that spring void!

Jerusalem artichokes (or Sunchokes) are a plant native to North America. They produce a knobby, nutty-tasting tuber that is ideal for roasting, making soup or mashing. We included some tiny ones from the fall harvest in last year’s CSA box, but these spring-harvested ones are from a different planet! Sweet, crunchy, and huge!

You can make a great soup (like this one) or simply mash up with potatoes and other root veggies. They are also tasty raw in a salad.

They can also be planted in your garden, although they are notorious for spreading so should be kept isolated. The plants were well over 12 feet tall! Growing tips are here.

We’re harvesting this week. Let me know if you are interested in some and if you want them for eating (larger ones) or planting (smaller ones). $5 per pound.


Other CSA Programs

Hi folks,

Long time, no blog!

As you’ll remember,  Salad Bowl Gardens is on a year long break.

Some tasty spring greens from a NS CSA

I wanted to list a few Truro-delivering CSAs for those who might be interested in vegetable delivery this season.  There are details below about three CSAs. LocalMotive Farm is a friend of mine, Jody, who does a similar box to ours – you can see examples on her website. She grows using organic methods but is not certified. The Vista Bella CSA provides a great variety of interesting veggies, they are a no-spray farm. Waldegrave Farm is certified organic, and is doing a Truro delivery this season.

Company: Localmotive Farm
Name: Jody Nelson
Address: 401 Johnson Road
City, Province: Coldstream, NS
Postal Code: B0N 2J0
Phone: (902) 489-5634
Description: CSA providing vegetables for 20 weeks (June-October), serving communities along Hwy. 102, from Stewiacke to Halifax.
Company: Vista Bella Farm
Name: Sebastian Margarit
Address: 2913 Malagash Rd
City, Province: Malagash, NS
Phone: 902-986-3742/902-257-2288
Fax: 902-257-2288
Description: We are located on the Malagash Peninsula in Cumberland county, Nova Scotia. Nestled between the Tatamagouche bay and the Northumberland straight we enjoy a microclimate which allows us to grow many of the crops normally associated with the Annapolis valley. Our goal is to continue our sales as local as possible in the Tatamagouche, Truro, and Halifax areas. The cost of a full share of twenty deliveries for the 2010 season is 350$, and a half share (ten deliveries) is 200$. As always full share members will enjoy a 20% discount from our market stand and farmgate purchases. Half share members can enjoy a 10% discount.

Company: Waldegrave Farm
Name: Cammie Harbottle
Address: 11 Alex Cox Rd.
City, Province: Tatamagouche, NS
Postal Code: B0K 1V0
Phone: (902)-657-2532
Affiliation: EcoCert
Description: Products: Mixed field and greenhouse vegetables, including salad greens, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, specialty and storage vegetables.

the longest winter

Well, hello from Lower Onslow, Nova Scotia. It is April 8, and for the first time in years there are no wee seedlings gracing our windowsills. No shelves full of tomatoes, onions, fennel, and no dirty fingernails.

So, what’s up with Salad Bowl Gardens?

At the end of last season, we decided we were needing a hiatus from market gardening;  a sabbatical, if you will. Our son is a toddler (2.5 yrs old now), and we were expecting another little baby over the winter.  We knew life would be busy and make it difficult to continue market gardening and parenting and working as we had done before. I (Roxanne) had been doing some consulting and inspecting work and planned to continue it this season. Jamey would continue his work as a civil servant. 2010 was our 6th year of growing veggies for sale, and although we had found efficiency in many ways, I feel we lost ground to the weeds and miscalculated some planting dates and volumes. It was hard to give the garden the attention it needed, even with the superb helpers we had.

So, 2011 is going to be a fallow year. A year to cover crop – build fertility and suppress weeds. A year to focus on the landscaping and on the house repairs that always fall by the wayside during the cropping season. It was a hard decision to make, mainly because we have loved the relationship with our customers and providing them with good organic food. But it felt like the right decision for us.

This winter was long and hard. Some turns in the road we were not expecting made life a little more complicated. I spent nearly two months on bedrest, leaving Jamey to keep the home fires burning. A whole community rallied around us; dear friends and family. Pam warrants a special mention as she did our fall chores and planted all our garlic!  Just before Christmas, we had our premature but healthy baby, Gabrielle. In the midst of all this, my Dad passed away unexpectedly. It is funny how the entire world can change in just a few days. While passing the hours on bedrest, I was drawn to old pictures of spring gardening and new green shoots. It gave me strength when November was so grey and awful. Now spring is here, and I can’t imagine how flowers can still bloom in the absence of someone I loved so much. My heart isn’t in it this year.


The good in all this is my renewed appreciation for our family, my beautiful, amazing kids who have a new cousin on the way. I am looking forward to a summer growing food for our family. We can’t even think of how many tomatoes to start for 4 people – what a novelty (I think I have limited Jamey to 100 plants). Jamey is taking some time off from his day job to do two things: spend more time with the kids and I, and take over managing the Truro Farmer’s Market this year as they begin to prepare for a move into the Old Fire Hall. I (Roxanne) have been blessed with a great job working with our Organic Regional Network to help interested farmers transition into organic production. Extension work – assisting growers, developing resources, organizing workshops – is really exciting to me, and it is part-time too.

I may keep updating this blog to keep track of new changes at the homestead. I might start a new one instead to keep this strictly farm-business related. Who knows? But keep checking in from time to time, if you like. Likely we’ll have some cute kid photos, probably in the garden.

The final delivery – week 18

First of all, here’s a green salsa recipe for those who have been asking! I think it’s pretty similar to the one we use at home.

This final week of CSA delivery, you can expect to find salad mix, stir-fry mix (kale, chard, and mustards), 2 pints cherry tomatoes, another huge bag of heirloom tomatoes, a cucumber or zucchini, a hot pepper, some carrots and radishes, a small celeriac (good for soup, maybe), your choice of herbs (cilantro, Italian parsley, or horseradish), garlic, and a small squash. I had been hoping we would have larger squash, but they haven’t all matured yet and I know the small ones will be tasty. Here’s some info about preparing horseradish.

The eggs are washed and ready to pack up; I also finished canning some tomatoes. I know many members are overwhelmed with tomatoes – Canning or Freezing might help with the excess.

Week 17 CSA

Tomorrow, you can expect:

Salad mix (spicy or original), Flat beans, Zucchini or cucumber, Radishes, Cherry tomatoes, Heirloom tomatoes, Tomatillos, Garlic, Carrots, Hot peppers, Melons (for those who didn’t get last week), and Baby fingerling potatoes mixed with Jerusalem Artichokes.

Also, at the Belgravia pick-up location, we’ll be bringing along some heirloom tomatoes to slice up and taste, so you can find out more about the unique varieties we grow.

Edited to add: here’s what your share looked like! I’ve been horrible at taking pictures of the share this year…

Week 16 CSA

Hi everyone,

More amazing tomatoes will be filling your box tomorrow- paste, slicers, cherry… yum.

You’ll also get some cabbage, flat beans, carrots, basil, red pepper (Casson Farm), cucumber (from us and Maple Shade Gardens), zucchini,  salad mix, and some lucky members will get a melon (everyone else will get one next week!)